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Remote Start Specials!!!
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LQ CineBeam AI Thin Q Projector.

Original price $4,999.99 - Original price $4,999.99
Original price
$4,999.99 - $4,999.99
Current price $4,999.99

Incredible Color Accuracy with LG Wheel-less Laser & LED Technology

For ultimate picture quality, LG adopts Wheel-less Laser & LED1 tech. It overcomes limitations of conventional* projectors such as discoloration of LCD and rainbow effect of DLP to get a vivid picture with richer and deeper color.

LG Wheel-less laser and LED Technology
conventional and LG Wheel-less Laser & LED*Compared to previous generations of projectors that use a color wheel.
  • Conventional Laser
    3Ch Laser (HU85LA only)

    3Ch Laser

    LG CineBeam with 3 Channel laser2, uses RGB separate colors w/o color wheel, can express vivid picture. It is faithful to natural color presentation compared to conventional laser include dual laser.

  • Conventional LED
    4Ch LED (HU70LA)

    4Ch LED

    LG 4 Channel LED3 uses RGB separate color and Dynamic green. Since Dynamic green adjust brightness and color tone, LG LED CineBeam delivers more vibrant picture than conventional projector.

*Compared to previous generations of projectors that use a color wheel.
  • vivid color without discoloration

    Conventional LCD Projector        LG Wheel-less Laser & LED

  • Vivid Color that's Lifelike without Discoloration

    Steadily enjoy stunning color with LG Wheel-less Laser & LED4. Conventional LCD projectors use a Dichroic mirror to express RGB color from white, but it causes color change as time goes by.

  • vivid color without discoloration

    Dark Areas are Darker

    Bright Areas are Brighter

  • Clearer and Deeper with Contrast Ratio 2,000,000 : 1

    2,000,000:1 contrast ratio means that the brightest white as 2 million times brighter than the darkest black. Bright areas are brighter and dark areas are darker, enabling a delicate gradient and wide range of color to ensure cinematic picture quality without blurry or pixelated images.

1. Some models may not support this feature.
2. Applied to HU85LA only.
3. Applied to HU70LA only.
4. Applied to HU85LA and all LED models.



UST(T/R 0.19), 4K UHD, 2,700ANSI, ThinQ AI, webOS4.5



4K UHD, 2,500ANSI, webOS3.5



UST (T/R 0.19), Full HD, 1,500ANSI, webOS4.0

intelligence meets comfort

Intelligence Meets Comfort

Incredibly Ultra Short Throw Ratio 0.191

With LG's incredible Ultra Short Throw technology, you can enjoy a 90-inch cinematic screen by placing it just 2 inches away from the wall.

Ultra Short Throw
Smart webOS

1. Only for UST models. Throw Ratio may not be same by models.
2&3. Some models don't be applied this feature.
support intro

Made for Everyday Use

Support Easy Installation

Just Follow How to Set Your
Own Home Theater

  • 4-Corner Keystone Adjustment
    12-Point Keystone Adjustment

    12 Point Keystone Adjustment1

    You can adjust screen distortion and set up a more precise screen by using the 12-point Keystone on the screen.

  • After 3 Seconds

    Distorted Picture
    Auto Corrected Picture

    Auto Keystone2

    You can easily set the screen configurations with automated screen configuration supported. Just wait 3 seconds.

X Zoom


With improved Zoom, you can adjust screen size without moving the location of projector.


Bracket Ready

LG CineBeam offers an easy setup ceiling-installation with VESA hole for utilizing Bracket.



LG CineBeam supports Offset 100%, so it has no screen trimming even when it is put on the table or installed by the ceiling.

1. Applied to HU85LA only.
2. Not applied to Ultra Short Throw projector.
3. Some models don't be applied this feature.

20,000 hrs. Longer-lasting Laser

Enjoy Steady-Clear
Pictures All Day Long

The powerful laser light source displays brighter images and lasts up to 20,000 hours*. If you play videos on this projector 8 hours a day, then the laser light source would last for 7 years. It keeps initial brightness over a long time maintaining reduction rate 99% without lamp replacement.

20,000 hours lmap life*Varies by model and use up to 20,000 hours.