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Remote Start Specials!!!
Remote Start Specials!!!
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    About the iDatastart RF2352AC RF Kit


    Extend the range of your iDatastart remote start system

    This RF2352AC wireless remote kit extends the range of your iDatastart remote start system system up to 3,000 feet — that's over a half mile — and lets you know with a flash and a chirp that your engine has started. The kit includes an antenna/receiver that plugs into your iDatastart module via the included harness, along with two 5-button remote transmitters, so you've got a spare if you lose the first. Now you don't have to be within sight of your vehicle to start it with the factory key — you can use your RF2352AC remote to start your engine from the comfort of your home or office.

    Product highlights:

    • RF remote control for iDatastart digital remote start systems
    • two 5-button 2-way remotes, antenna module, and wiring harness
    • range: up to 3,000 feet
    • notification via LED flashes and audible chirps
    • functions include start/stop engine, light flash, lock/unlock doors, pop trunk, honk horn, and more
    • warranty: 1 year
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
    • MFR # RF2352AC

    Product Research


    Overview: The ADS transmitter kit provides 2-way communication for activating you iDatastart HCX remote start module (sold separately). This 5-button remote system uses FM technology for up to 3000 feet of transmitting/receiving range.

    Functions: The RF2352A remote features 4 main buttons along the front panel, which are pre-programmed for Lock/Arm, Unlock/Disarm, Trunk/Hatch Release, engine Start/Stop, and a 5th Function button (F) on the side of the remote that's used for multi-button functions. Each of the 4 main buttons includes it's own LED along with a single LED at the top of the remote. The top LED will light to confirm when any button is pressed and the individual function LED will light afterwards to confirm that that command was performed. The remotes can be programmed for up to 30 functions, all accessed using combinations of the 5 buttons. Additional features include; Valet Mode, Panic, Silent Lock/Unlock, Passive Lock&Arm, Ignition Lock, Extended Runtime, Turbo Mode (allows engine to cool down before shutting engine off), and more.

    Antenna: Included with the RF2352A remote controls is a 3-1/4" long-range antenna for achieving a maximum transmit/receive range of up to 3000 feet. The antenna features an adhesive backing, for mounting it high up on a dash or console, and a 98" cord that plugs directly into the iDatastart module. Two LEDs and a small push-button on the antenna are used to program additional or replacement remote controls. Up to 4 remotes can be programmed to the iDatastart module.

    Owner's Card: Operating instructions for the RF2352A remotes can be accessed via the included Owner's Card. This features a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet and will pull up the online instruction manual.