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Remote Start Specials!!!
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    Chameleon Window Tint Windsheild.

    Original price $299.99 - Original price $299.99
    Original price
    $299.99 - $299.99
    Current price $299.99
    The color of the film will change depending on weather, lighting, temperature, and different angle of view. It does not constantly have the same look and will look differently depending on these factors which is why it is a "chameleon" tint. Percentage of VLT in different areas of the same film differs from the median average of up to 7%. UltraVision Film LLC and are not responsible for any legal reprucussions for the installation of film if it does not comply with the tint regulations in your region, state, or country.

    Chameleon Shades: Red, Orange, Purple, Blue

    VLT: 85-89% (85-89% of Light Transmittance)
    IR Rejection: 80% (Blocking 80% of heat)
    UV Rejection 99% (Protects your eyes)
    Thickness 2.5 mil