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Remote Start Specials!!!
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Cerwin Vega - CvPro5k

Original price $549.99 - Original price $549.99
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$549.99 - $549.99
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Full Range Class D Monoblock CVP Pro Amplifier – CVPRO5K

This Class D Monoblock Amp has transformed my car system. A simple swap to this Class D Monoblock amp and voila! Cerwin-vega class d mono amp full range amplifier no noise and a better tone. Sweet bass, clear midrange, and sparkly highs. class d mono amp price is reasonable. So it is better to use Cerwin-Vega Share full range Class d amplifier for cars.


  • STATUS – These lights indicate when the amplifier is powered up normally and when there is a protection fault. The ProtectLED is luminated when there is a problem with your amplifier. Please contact your authorize CVM dealer or call CVM’s technical support.
  • RCA INPUT (PRE INPUT) – The RCA jacks allow for a normal Left and Right channel signal input. Simply connect to the source unit using RCA type audio cables, keeping them away from power wiring wherever possible to reduce risk of noise.
  • GAIN – This control matches the preamp stage of the Cerwin-Vega Mobile amplifier to your source unit. This is NOT a volume control. The range is between aprox 150mV -12V.
  • XOVERS – Crossover are ALWAYS ACTIVE. Use this adjustment to select the crossover point. Remember that you must select the High Pass or Low Pass crossover, this ALL depends on what you are doing. Subwoofer ONLY? Then it is a Low Pass setup. Building a super crazy Pro Sound Bus with 8 Pro Mids and 8 Pro tweeters, then you select High Pass. This is adjustable 15Hz -1,500Hz for High Pass and 50Hz – 20,000Hz for Low Pass
  • BASS BOOST LEVEL- This control the level of Bass Boost up to + 12 dB of increase in level. NOT frequency, that is a separate control. Be cautious when adding boost to subwoofer systems as they may not be able to handle the additional low frequency boost.
  • BASS BOOST FREQ- This control adds 0 to +12dB of Bass boost at 35Hz – 70Hz. Be cautious when adding boost to subwoofer systems as they may not be able to handle the additional low frequency boost.
  • SUBSONIC – Use the High Pass Filter to be the sub-sonic FILTER below the tuning frequency of a ported enclosure. This helps to protect the woofer from over excursion. Adjustable from 15Hz – 1,500Hz
  • BASS REMOTE – This port is for the remote level control (included with the CVPro3K and CVPro5K ). The control is intended to allow the user to control the level of gain of the subwoofer up to the maximum adjustment level set on the amplifier. The control does not add additional boost, it only attenuates the setting that is fixed at the amplifier’s control panel.
  • POWER INPUT – These connections are for input power, chassis ground, and remote turn-on. Use a minimum of 1/0 gauge wiring for power and ground connections, 20 guage for remote turn-on. Be sure any wiring that passes through metal has a grommet! .
  • SPEAKER OUTPUT – Connect your speakers to these terminals. Mono connections are connected as labeled. The mono blocks will run 1 ohm mono – both low frequency and HIGH frequency. BUT you will need 2 of these for STEREO. MONO left and MONO right.